-Frequently Ask Questions-
The goal of FAQs is to give quick and simple access to information that people frequently look for without requiring them to get in touch with customer service, search a website, or consult documentation. FAQs can be found on websites, product manuals, or other informational resources and are frequently categorised or topical.


Q1. How are these accounts delivered?
Answer- Depending on customer needs, although we often use Excel.

Q2. When do you deliver?
Answer- Typically, we send deliveries immediately or at most within two to four hours. Orders of 5000 or 1000 will take two days.

Q3. Can I modify the recovery phone number after purchasing?
Answer- Yes, you can change your accounts after purchasing them; but, if they are brand-new, you must be careful. Change your accounts gradually and carefully.

Q4. Will they always be active or will they eventually be deactivated?
Answer- Yes, if you take care of it after purchasing from us and change the number to yours, it will expected for a longer period of time.

Q5. Which providers have fewer issues? Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook?
Answer- Gmail is more stable than Outlook or Yahoo.

Q6. What purchasing options are there?
Answer- All information is displayed on our website.Choose the bundle of your choice, click the Buy Now button, and then enter your information, including your email address, so we can also send you the delivery.

Q6. Can I give my accounts a unique name?
Answer- Yes, you can provide a custom name, and we accept custom orders with prices that are different from regular accounts. You can reach us via phone, whatsapp, gmail, contact page, and website chat.